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A creative solution… I can help you design a logo or a website. I can develop a social engine that will put your business on the map. I do not believe in a cookie cutter design or template. I believe in loyalty and trust. I offer a diverse portfolio, professionalism and take pride in every service offered.

Having a return customer is my greatest reward. My objective is to provide a final
product that the customer is not just satisfied, but also proud of.

Any day a customer can say - we made the right choice in hiring him,
and when no complaint letters are necessary, its a good day!

Sample Work

Jonas MasreliezI am Jonas P. Masreliez, a passionate award winning design professional who have helped a wide range of clients and repeat customers with corporate identity development, print advertising campaigns, print production, and package designs. Recent projects include planning and execution of website design and development projects, implementing internet marketing and Search Engine Marketing [SEM] strategies, developed email marketing and Social Media Optimization [SMO] initiatives. Recently helped Gray Taxidermy by designing their new website.

We are all different, and anyone planning or launching a website or advertising campaign has a distinct vision of what their business or service stands for. However, a common goal for everyone is to offer a presence and service that not only they can be proud of, but also gain a reputation that THEIR current clients and potential new customers will appreciate.

My objective is to create something that appeals to your needs and sense of style, by utilizing my experience and knowledge of current and future design standards and practices, and turn your ideas into reality!

Typography is also a passion of mine and being able to preserve this old art form through my work is a priveledge that enjoy practicing everyday. Most recent projects includes the re-design of Gray Taxidermy and Business Sound and Music company websites.